• How long is the delivery of custom shirts:
  • After order confirmed and payment processed, the delivery will be within 7-10 working days plus 1-2 days by courier to be delivered to the provided address
    Please be sure that there is sufficient time for delivery before placing an order. 

  • I really like your custom designer shirts, but I need it urgently:
  • Thank you for your support! Under normal circumstance, there is a surcharge for urgent orders. However our company principle of always putting customers first and providing the best services, we will omit the surcharge and we can dispatch urgently the order within 2-4 working days. Although we can dispatch the order urgently, customers are required to visit our showroom to get the measurements done or if you are already a registered member and we have records of your size then it is possible to place the order directly on the website.  

    ※Please make an appointment with the customer service staff to confirm the delivery time and confirm the delivery of the urgent item.
  • I’m worried that I cannot touch and feel the fabric:
  • We uses high quality fabric imported from Europe and India, we have collaboration with famous luxury textile mills. The quality of the fabric is strictly controlled according to international standards. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to visit our showroom to see and familiarize with our fabric. Or you can make an appointment with customer services for on-site measurement at a location convenient to you and our representative will bring along fabric samples, therefore, it is possible to touch and feel.
    (Pre-buy 3 or more shirts and contact customer services directly)
  • There is still more designs I want to add to the shirt, but there is no option of it on the website:
  • If it is a simple change in design, you can fill in the remarks in the column of shopping cart product page. Example: if the website does not have the option of dark buttoning, then you can fill it in the column with “Dark button collar”
    For more complicated change in design, please contact customer services
  • I would love to place an order on website but I’m not sure about the size of my shirt:
  • The following are few guidelines on how to get your shirt size.
    1. On our blog page we have a guide on how to measure your own shirt
    2. You can send us a shirt that fits you perfectly and we will produce exactly the same size and send it back together with the new shirt.
    3. We offer free on-site measurement at a location convenient to you for orders of 3 shirts or more.
    4. If you know the size of your collar, you can use our recommend sizes by entering the size of your collar and the rest of the sizes will be displayed according to our recommendation.
    5. Visit one of our showrooms and our representative can take your measurement and there is more fabric and accessories to choose from at our showrooms. 
  • In the past, I casually buy polyester shirt and they are easily washable in household washing machine. What are the care instructions for MensKey’s shirts, does it requires a professional laundry?
  • Polyester shirts are short of non-ironing shirt, because of the fabric characteristics of long fibers makes it washable without wrinkling, however, comfortability is low and it is inexpensive. Therefore, if it is damaged from washing in the machine, it does not feel sore to self. However, the fabrics at MensKey are 100% Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Mix with more than 60% is Cotton. The Yarns of fabric are finer and more detailed. It is possible during the washing process in the machine; the yarns may be damaged by friction with other clothing. Therefore we recommend several washing methods:

    1. It is advised to use a washing bag when washing in a machine. As for wrinkle-free series washing bag is not required however we recommend ironing the shirt sometimes.
    2. It is advised to hang dry instead of machine dry after hand washing. It applies to all non-wrinkle, easy care and normal series.
    3. Pass to a professional laundry.

    ※ We recommend Ironing the shirt frequently to maintain the finest condition of the fabric
  • What is the difference between Cotton Fabric and Polyester Fabric?
  • Cotton Fabric characteristics are dry, breathable, wrinkles, environmentally friendly (naturally decomposable) and naturally fluorescents.
    Polyester Fabric characteristics are stuffy, sweaty, low comfort-ness, full of chemicals and wrinkles less. 
  • How do I do a refund?
  • 1. We can do a refund for accessories items. Please contact customer services with the invoice number, account number, contact number and reasons of return before returning the product. Please pay attention to the trial period of 7 days. For more information please read the consumer rights in more details here.  
    2. For customized product, if it is outside the tolerance range of +/- 5% or the shirt is damaged or the fabric used is wrong, we will unconditionally rework the size or make a new shirt with the right fabric. If it is within the tolerance range of +/- 5%, we will help modify the fine-tuning as much as possible, however, you are required to send us the shirt or bring it to one of our showrooms. 
  • What if I have a sudden change of my body weight, would you be able to help me with this?
  • We can reduce the size of the shirt to make it smaller, however, we cannot enlarge it.
    If the shirt body width and length needs to be slightly altered to smaller (within 1.5 inches), we can help you modify it. As long as it is a MensKey product, this service is available for a lifetime. However, if it is required to enlarge the shirt, the process is very complicated and the cost is high. Because the cuffs, shoulder width and collar would need to be replaced and the cost of alteration will be imposed on 
  • Where are the shirts manufactured?
  • Men'sKey production facilities are located in Hong Kong and Taiwan
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