Corporate Group Order

Corporate Exclusive Custom Design Uniform
Men’sKey design team is able to design exclusive corporate uniform according to the company’s image, corporate philosophy, individual department styles, and industry image. We will have a specialized design team to study the corporate needs on the uniform requirement; whether the design is to prompt the company leadership or represent their product, Men’sKey design team will spring up the most suitable design that meets the company's demand. 

Adherence to Custom Clothing
Breaking the stereotype images on group uniforms, Men’sKey insist on using the best material and craftsmanship whether it is for individual or group uniform. 

Absolute Custom Clothing
Whether it is for group uniform order or an individual order, our team applies the same principal and philosophy. We will take into consideration of each individual wearing habit. For example, the pocket style, back design, fine adjustment of button position, collar back leaf high, etc. In fact, many first time corporate employees who received our uniform shirts felt that it is the first time they had received a uniform with such details to every single position of the shirt. This is the principle of Men’sKey: treating every single piece of clothing seriously and passionately.


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