(Fabric Selection) Introducing famous Italian fabric producer – Albini Group

Alibini group has always been one of the most important partners of MensKey

Albini's two main brands are "ALBINI" and "THOMAS MASON"
Albini's fabrics are characterized by light, comfortable, rich in colors and stylish, for centuries it has been loved by designers of all brands. And THOMAS MASON, the UK's long-established shirting fabric producer, was acquired by Albini Group in 1992, bringing the Group to a new milestone.
THOMAS MASON has a history of more than 220 years. The brand's fabric features are more inclined towards business occasions: the brand uses Sea Island Cotton of the West Indies, the yarn is firm and strong, and the hand feel is soft. In recent years, the high end business shirts brands have preferred anti-wrinkle fabric and THOMAS MASAON has specialize in developing and producing anti-wrinkle fabric.
The Gentleman style of the British Isles and the romantic enthusiasm of the Italian Peninsula sparked a new generation of Albini's designs and development team. It also laid the foundation for the Group to be the leading player in the high-end luxury market and high-end tailoring.
Presently, Albini Group has 1,400 employees worldwide with seven major production bases, mainly in the Mediterranean region, and in Egypt is located the Egyptian Cotton Field and dyeing facilities, supplying the group famous Egyptian Cotton known by the world.
Giza 45 species is the queen of all types cottons, produced in Egypt since 1820, the cotton seeds were imported from Brazil and the Caribbean. It can only grow in a very small area in the eastern part of the Nile Delta and they only accounts for 0.4% of the total annual cotton production in Egypt. The fiber length exceeds 36 mm, the average fineness is 2.95 microns, and the uniformity index is 88.5%.The combination of the world best cotton seed and the exceptional environment of Nile River created the most precious cotton of the world, the Egyptian Cotton.
Click here to see the introductory film of Giza 45
Giza 87 species is similar to Giza 45, they are 87% similar in most aspect, such as, fiber length, average fineness, and uniformity index, although Giza 87 is slightly lower than Giza 45, but its glosses amazingly and it can reaches a degree of 74.8 RD.  Albini Group has enhanced the properties of the Giza 87 and, after repeated washing, the softness is further enhanced and the fabric's durability and original gloss are still maintained.
"THOMAS MASON" is a big lover of Giza 87, and one of few textile suppliers who insist on using Giza45 and Giza87 only for their shirting fabric.​
The oldest record of use of linen in human history has appeared since 8000 BC. The high breathability, high moisture absorption and the natural and simple tissue characteristics of linen textiles are still loved by many people today.  The Albini Group's "100% Hemp" and "Cotton and Linen" products uses the highest level of French Normanland linen, which is recognized as the highest quality linen production region in the world.
Linen fabric has been known as being dull; However, Albini's high-quality linen fabric is smooth and lustrous, breaking the stereotypes of linen fabrics. 

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